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List of Backpacker hostel in Singapore. Backpacker style travel is now more often a choice, especially for young people. The reason, more dynamic, efficient, challenging, and left much of an impression.

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When traveling, backpackers also did not hesitate to spend the night at the inn rudimentary, or even set up own tent. Well, if you include the “tourist” is, here are some cheap hostels that you can visit in around Singapore, as quoted from CNN. The backpacker hostels place is clean, the service did not disappoint.

List Backpacker hostel in Singapore:
River City Inn
You only need 10 minutes to reach Clarke Quay shopping center. Quite interesting for those who like to explore the shops. Accommodation includes net. Some rooms are reserved for women only. This reduces concerns women who traveled up yourself happy.
Hostel Price: S $ 26-S $ 128
River City Inn Address: 33C Hong Kong Street, +65 6532 6091.

River City Inn Backpacker hostel in Singapore

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Betel Box Hostel
The inn is designed by Tony Ta, who is also the owner. He was inspired by the tourists who are not always looking for luxurious hotels while on vacation. It also provides a menu of Singapore in the inn, so that the visitors really feel in Singapore.
If you do not want to eat inside, around the hostel there are also many food vendors that allow you to culinary.
Room rrice: S $ 20 to S$ 60
Betel Box Hostel Address: 200 Joo Chiat Road, +65 6247 7340.

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Betel Box Hostel (

Drop Inn
The rooms are really quite simple. However, equipped with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. You can choose the superior rooms, deluxe double, or even rooms busy with 14 beds.
hotel price: S $ 22 – S $ 65
Drop Inn Address: 253 Lavender St, +65 6299 3817.

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Drop Inn (

Beary Best Hostel
The location is in a fairly strategic region, Chinatown. As the name implies, it was deliberately decorated with teddy bears to attract visitors. Interior is enough to make you feel right at home. Walls with bright colors. The inn also provides free internet, breakfast with menu choices, and air-conditioned room with a comfortable bed linen.
Hostel Price: From S$ 26
Beary Best Hostel Address: 66 Pagoda St., +65 6222 4955.

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Beary Best Hostel (

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