Beauty wall decor with Wall Art

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March 20, 2013

Beauty wall decor with Wall Art – The plain walls of course make boring. In order to seem more appealing and attractive, maybe you need to put a pattern on it. Used for this business, be the solution wallpaper. However, as the trend of the development of interior design continues to evolve, arguably ancient wallpaper. The problem, now there is a wall decorating technique is faster, practical, and provides a better end result.

wall art

wall art

Beauty wall decor with Wall Art

Wall art, that’s the latest techniques to make patterns on the wall. Compared wallpaper, wall art installation faster and more convenient. In addition, the wall art can also be reused many times and durable. “The solution most appropriate to modify the wall without using wallpaper is to use wall art. With a size of 500 mm x 500 mm we can make the walls look more lively fast.

The material itself is usually made of bamboo and processed in the form of paper,” says architect Ari Indra, as quoted from Addition to the game varied colors and patterns, wall decor with wall art has a three-dimensional look very interesting when applied to match your wall or ceiling. Moreover if added little reflected light, the atmosphere will be presented live.

Seeing the development of technology, design, and the human need instant, then the wall art is right choice to be applied wall decor to the interior of your home. “Wall art is not only has attractive appearance, its application way too easily, quickly, and can be done alone without the need for skilled professionals, such as installing wallpaper,” added this architecture.

Actually, the wall decor material used is not much different wall art with wallpaper. Both are made of paper. Only, the difference in terms of appearance and durability. “Wall art is more likely to display a striking bold play that could lead to the impression of the original. Equipment required to install too easy to obtain, such as scissors or cutter, ruler, fine sandpaper, spray paint, brushes, sponges and cleaners,” said Ari.

Wall art has several advantages than other types of siding material to another. Wall art has a three-dimensional (3D) wall art materials are also more durable than wallpaper. Not only that, the wall art can be dismantled-pairs without fear of damaging the walls and can be reused even been mangled. If you are bored with the pattern or color of the wall art, do not worry because you only need to change your life wallart without having to replace wall decoration with a new one.

Few suggestion, if you are the type of person who easily get bored, while giving the adhesive on the sheet is not too much. Give only on the edges and in the middle, but not too much as well. That way, you can easily let go of wall art and trying to replace a series of motives.

“The easiest way to remodel the wall art is to replace the paint finish. For additional impression of rustic, modern, classical, or pop art, you can give effect to the surface,” said Ari. Providing lighting or lighting effects, especially with spotlights can create interesting effects vary.

Wall art will look different when highlighted from the top, bottom, front, and side. Though just like paper, wall art will not be damaged if accidentally scalded. You just need to dry it with a dry cloth. Innovation material with modern technology produces wall art as the preferred material eco-design healthy for users and address the needs of your interior.

wall decor

wall decor

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