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December 4, 2012

Best international airlines 2012. Along with the development of economy and technology, more and more airlines are able to reach parts of the world that had been untouched. These airlines were competing to attract passengers; ticket prices cheap, interesting concept, to the maximum service.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines (

Surveys conducted of tourist sites, Travel+Leisure, recently involving its readers to pick their favorite airline of 76 international airlines. Reader rating categories, among them in terms of cabin comfort, service during the flight, customer service, price, and food.

Here, international airlines with the best quality throughout the 2012 and getting Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards, as quoted from Yahoo.

Best international Airlines 2012

Singapore Airlines
Inception, Singapore Airlines joined the Malayan Airways, precisely in 1947 and then broke away in 1965. Starting 1970, Singapore Airlines has developed rapidly since the presence of a fleet of Boeing 747. And since splitting from Malaysia, Singapore Airlines was focused on international flights.
Maybe just a few know if in the past, Singapore Airlines flight attendant, better known as the Singapore Girls, wearing kebaya as the uniform flying.
2012 is the 17th year for Singapore Airlines successively became the reader-favorite airline. Even this year, the airline won every category in question, such as cabin comfort, food, and service. In addition, the facilities provided by the airline be one of the factors that make consumers love to use when traveling.

Thai Airways International
Thai Airways International is an airline owned by the Government of Thailand. At its inception, the airline merged with Scandinavian Airlines System. New in 1977, the airline officially belongs to the Government of Thailand.
The rapid development of new perceived Thai Airways International in the 1990s. Airlines based at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, serves 72 routes, comprised of 60 international routes and 12 domestic routes.
This year, Thai Airways International was ranked in the top 10, the same as last year. The services provided are not much different. However, due to the flight routes dominated Asia, Europe, and America only Los Angeles, the airline is less touched other markets. This is one reason Thai Airways International was still in the top 10.

Korean Air
South Korean-owned airline has been established since 1948 with the name of the Korean National Airlines. New in 1962 or after Korea’s independence from Japanese colonial, the airline changed its name to Korean Air.
International flights first started 10 years later, in 1971 for cargo flights and 1972 for civil aviation. Currently, the airline has the slogan Exellence in Flight has been serving the cigar to 116 cities around the world.
Achievement airline indicated it needs thumbs up. Last year, his position was still in the ninth, but this year managed to jump into the top four. This increase was primarily derived from the value of the food. Korean Air currently has indeed bring food from China, Japan, and Korea in the menu.

Virgin America
The airline based at San Francisco International Airport, United States, was established since 2004. Three years after its inception, the new airline serves general aviation. Since that time, the airline declared itself as the airline with the low price, but high quality.
This year, Virgin America has decreased overall rankings compared to last year. However, for some categories of airline remains the number one. Red touch screen that can be used to order food, drinks, and products of the airline has become one of the favorite choice.
Aircraft cabin comfort be one thing to be taken by the airline. Although ticket prices offered is reasonably priced, seats and entertainment are included in every flight is always the best. The goal, keeping the passengers to remain comfortable and trust the airline.

Cathay Pacific Airways
Cathay Pacific is an airline based in Hong Kong International Airport. However, at the beginning of its founding, the airline formed by two U.S. nationals and Australia, namely Roy Farrell and Sydney de Kantzow.
New start in 1960, the airline is progressing very rapidly. Unfortunately, the 1990 crisis that caused it to reorganize, but the airline is still able to maintain its quality of service and the passengers.
Currently, Cathay Pacific Airways has successfully served 111 routes, including cargo services. In the past year, his position still ranks seventh in this award. With hard work and improvement in many aspects, this year’s Cathay Pacific managed to climb to fifth.
Facilities provided to the passengers managed to boost their interest in the airline. Cathay Facilities outlet at each seat complete with iPod and USB port. The provision of this facility aims to provide a sense of comfort to the passengers during the flight.

Air New Zealand
New Zealand-owned airline is experiencing very rapid growth when compared to other airlines. This year, the survey placed on the second position as the airline preferred to readers. Two years ago, the airline was still in the seventh and last year moved into the top four.
Air New Zealand initially a Tasman Empire Airways Limited was established in 1939. New in 1965, the airline changed its name to Air New Zealand.
The airline became a favorite choice for services is increasing, professional, and felt warmly welcomed by the passengers. Cabin comfort, food is tasty, and perfect economic class facility was a factor leading airline carriers top position.
Their efforts recently, with the feel of the Hobbit, making it popular. As reported previously, in the context of the Hobbit movie premiere was filmed in New Zealand, this also presents a video demonstration airline safety who played the Hobbits. In addition, in order to promote, sticker covered fuselage Hobbit huge picture.

Emirates Airlines
Dubai has always tried to provide the best service in the case, including service airline, Emirates. This airline began operations in 1985 with the launch journey to Bombay, Delhi and Karachi. Flights to Europe recently added two years later. Currently, Emirates has been serving its routes to 94 cities.
This year, Emirates had slipped to third position when the previous year came second. Results of the assessment criteria for the reader to cabin comfort, flight services, and the food is still the same as the previous year. Is a category that decreased customer service and ticket prices are offered. Although downgraded, in terms of facilities, the airline continued to innovate to maintain its quality.

Virgin Atlantic Airways
These airlines have been set up in 1984 by two people, namely Alan Hellary, Laker Airways’ former chief pilot, and Randolph Fields, an American-born lawyer. However, over time, the airline was sold. To date, 51 percent owned by the Virgin Group (founder of the first) and 49 percent owned by Singapore Airlines.
This airline has its headquarters in Crawley, West Sussex, England, not far from London Gatwick Airport. Currently, Virgin Atlantic Airways already serves 35 routes.
Last year, the airline was in the eighth. But this year, they have to settle down a rank for each category, especially the food, service during the flight, and ticket prices.
According to some readers, which makes the airline can still get into the top 10 is ideas “naughty”. As early as 2012, the first class passengers are served a cup of drink served with a hunk of ice cubes shaped head Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group’s principal owner.

Thai Airways International

Thai Airways International (

Korean Air

Korean Air (

Virgin America

Virgin America (

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways (

Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines (

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