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July 27, 2015

image best travel 2016 Best Travel Places in 2016 – The holidays are a few months away. Most of you probably already busy designing a dream vacation, but some are still deciding where the best tourist destination this year? then here I will give a review of the best travel destinations in 2016 the answer is to Russia, Istanbul Turkey, Siem Reap Cambodia, Hanoi Vietnam, Prague Czech Republic. Visit soon arose and the fifth place.

But here I will explain existing tourist attractions in Russia because Russia’s largest country is becoming a major debate in the media, but this time not about politics. Although the current conflict in eastern Ukraine is still smoldering, no travel warning for visiting Russia. In addition, the falling value of the ruble make your vacation to the Land of Red Bear will be much cheaper, even when compared to six months ago. Infrastructure improvements ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi also make Russia more tourist friendly, so your vacation there is certainly more convenient and enjoyable.

So, immediately design your holiday to this colorful country. Visit the palaces of the Russian Empire and be witnesses awesome beauty of Lake Baikal, the uniqueness of the Moscow subway station full of stories, as well as the grandeur of the most historic castles in the world.
To make it easier to design a vacation to Russia, Here we present a list of tourist attractions in Russia is certain to make your holiday unforgettable because Russia enters as one of the Best Places in 2016.

Best Travel Places in 2016

Moscow and Sankt Petersburg
Of course you should not miss two big cities of tourism Russia are the most dazzling, Moscow and Sankt Petersburg. Both are the most iconic cities in Russia. If this is your first visit to Russia, obviously you should be taking the time to stop by this city.
Besides the well-known destinations in the world, Moscow and Sankt Petersburg also offers many interesting events during the summer, ranging from the White Night Festival on the banks of the river Neva, up MAKS aviation exhibition in Moscow colorful.

photo Moscow and Sankt Petersburg

Moscow and Sankt Petersburg

Sochi, in the Coastal Mountains Stunning Black Sea
The city that hosted the Winter Olympics last year is a favorite tourist destination of Russian citizens. Sochi popular due to its unique geographical location. Located along the coast of the Black Sea, Sochi is a place where you can enjoy all kinds of leisure activities that you want from a soak in the sulfur springs, skiing in the famous mountain resort, lazing and sun bathing on the beach, to perform the ritual bath traditional Russian sauna that will inject new energy for your soul.

Scheme Ten Best Adventure in Russia
Winter Olympics preparations and make Sochi a city that is very tourist friendly. Here, you can see the stunning natural beauty as well as perform a variety of activities that you want. Do not worry, Sochi also has convenient transportation facilities, can even directly connect you to a place or another city in Russia.

Now is the right moment if you want to try an adventure to explore the mainland of Russia, Mongolia, and China using the Trans-Siberian train. You can start the journey from Moscow or Sankt Petersburg, and choose the ultimate goal of Vladivostok or Beijing. You have to plan this trip in detail, and stop into pretty towns you will pass like Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Ulan Ude in Russia. Stop in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is also a must.

Kazan, Muslim Central City Rising
Kazan is touted as the third largest city in Russia. Qolsarif Mosque (read: “Kul Sharif”), one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in Europe, located in the city.
In addition, there is also the Temple of All Religions (including mosques, pagodas, Orthodox churches and synagogues) and the Kazan Kremlin. But it is only a fraction of the interesting things offered Kazan. There are still plenty of other favorite destinations, such as the 16th-century fortress, monastery male Raif, and the house dish Tartar.
Kazan does have many unique traditional tourist attractions, which you may not see elsewhere.
Kazan also convenient transportation facilities, and even connect directly with Moscow and Sankt Petersburg (train lines and planes). This year, the city will celebrate the birthday-1010, so that Kazan became a perfect city as a tourist destination in 2016.

image kazan muslim central in rusia

kazan muslim central in rusia

Looking for ‘Treasure’ in the Far East
Nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts surely enjoy a true expedition across the Pacific Ocean and explore nature that is still untouched in the Russian Far East. The program offers a variety of activities, from whale watching to visit remote Eskimo settlements. The best part of this adventure is that everyone will participate in nature conservation activities led by biologist, ornithologist, animals and plants as well as expert professionals.

Life ‘Communist Primitive’ Nanai tribe, Native Russian Far East
You will spend a few weeks in the expedition vehicles that can withstand extreme weather conditions and the nature in the Far East, while enjoying one of the best natural scenery on earth. If it sounds as fun itinerary for you, this expedition is what you are looking for.
There are still many places that you can visit in Russia, Find out the other tour options to determine the best of your trip to Russia that match your interests and budget.

Not only Russia, there are still some places that might be the best fit destination I described at the beginning on you. The following destinations Best Travel Sites in 2016 with an outline description only.

Istanbul Turkey
Many things that are served Istanbul, not only culinary pampering. However the mosque, bazaar, and a typical Turkish bath can make tourists comfortable to spend the holidays. In addition, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the Blue Mosque is visible from various points of the city.

Siem Reap Cambodia
Siem Reap has become a very popular tourist destination over the last two decades. Therefore, these countries are restoring the site of Angkor Wat as a major tourist destination. Here, tourists can learn while enjoying the beauty of the Cambodian Cultural Village and Angkor Night Market.

Hanoi Vietnam
Hanoi has a French colonial architecture buildings, namely the Old Quarter, which can make tourists enjoy its beauty while strolling downtown. History and culture remains a choice destination tourists in Hanai.

Prague Czech Republic
To attract tourists, Prague provides a number of fairy tales featured buildings. In addition, tourists can also explore Prazsky Hrad, which is a magnificent and beautiful castle that will make the eyes stunned.

image traveling prague czech republic

traveling prague czech republic

So, for who wants to vacation or road exit the country and want to find the best Places in 2016 in Russia, Istanbul Turkey, Siem Reap Cambodia, Hanoi Vietnam, Prague Czech Republic. is a favorite place for tourists to spend time together during the holidays.

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