Blake Lively chose home based kitchen design

Post On: 31 March 2013
March 31, 2013

Star of the series ‘Gossip Girl’, Blake Lively appears to have a unique tendency in selecting properties. She chose the ideal home based kitchen design in it.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively

Blake Lively chose home based kitchen design
Blake and her husband Ryan Reynolds recently married bought a country-style house in the Bedford, New York. She admitted that bought the home for falling in love with the kitchen and is currently in the process of renovation.

“At that time I was stuck in traffic and when I looked left and saw the most beautiful home of my life. We are very happy with the kitchen design, its really the family room,” Blake Lively said, as quoted from Elledecor.

Centerpiece inside the kitchen will be redesigned to resemble La Courne kitchen design style is very popular in France. That design is what has been coveted by the 25-year-old artist since she was in college in the country.

Blake Lively invited the President of La Courne, Xavier Dupuy to directly discuss her preferred style. Brazilians color selection difficult by Blake. However, in the end he decided to choose blue sea. “I wanted something bold, but also eternal. Blue is a bold color, but stay grounded,” said Blake.

It was shocking to see someone buy a house just because it falls in love with the kitchen. In fact, Blake and Ryan did not hesitate to spend money amounting to $ 2 million just to get their dream home.

kitchen design

kitchen design

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