British travelers prefer cash while on vacation

Post On: 28 June 2013
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June 28, 2013

While on vacation, travelers usually opt confusion would use cash or credit cards. Apparently, British travelers prefer cash.

British tourists

British travelers

British travelers planning a holiday to Europe will bring more cash. This was revealed by Debenhams Personal Finance survey, which revealed that British tourists would bring money of approximately 500 pounds as will go to the airport of vacation destination.

British tourists prefer bring cash money while on vacation

Amount of cash that was taken showed significant improvement than the previous years holiday. Usually they will only bring cash approximately 360 pound sterling. British tourists also said they would bring in more cash than having to use credit cards during the holidays.

The use of cash is well-founded, British travelers feel worried if their credit card is not acceptable in a restaurant or hotel where they will be on vacation. Moreover, few countries in Europe, such as Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, and Italy are experiencing economic difficulties, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“Tourists bring in more cash is not unusual because lately a lot of economic uncertainty in most European countries,” said Mike Hazell, a spokesman for Debenhams Personal Finance.

The majority of respondents said they would still take credit cards, only some of which will be used while on vacation. The reason, they are afraid of becoming victims of fraud, non-functioning of the credit card, and financial control if using cash.

while on vacation

while on vacation

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