Copacabana beach is dream place to spend New Year

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January 2, 2013

Where is the greatest place to spend New Year’s Eve? If the page Cheapflight mention Germany and Finland, not so with Badoo. the answer is Copacabana beach is dream place to spend New Year.

Copacabana beach

Copacabana beach

Social networking has recently held a global survey on New Year’s Day most desirable citizen of the world. With 17,000 respondents in 17 countries and four continents, is considered the most perfect place to spend the seconds turn of the year turned out to be very far from Europe. Where is? Copacabana Beach.

Why Copacabana beach is dream place to spend New Year?

Yes, the exotic beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was ordained a majority of respondents as the most beautiful places to enjoy the last second in 2012 and the second in early 2013. Copacabana Beach in Brazil beat the United States in second place, followed Spain, Italy, France, and Belgium and Switzerland.

“I can understand, most people prefer to celebrate New Year’s Eve on the coast of Brazil compared to Europe huddled against the cold in the North,” said Badoo Director Louise Thompson, as quoted from AFP.

Thompson said the New Year’s Eve that falls in the middle of summer is considered as the perfect climate to enjoy the annual feast. “Rio judged to have the best and most well-known,” he said.

It’s no secret, Copacabana beach is a magnet for millions of world travelers. The white sandy beach in the south of the city offers an unforgettable sensation. Stretching from Posto Dois to Porto Seis, those who come here can freely explore for swimming, sunbathing, or enjoying the sun beam.

In addition to the popular tourist destination, Copacabana is also a venue for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. Special celebration of the New Year, this is a meeting place for millions of people in the white sand along the 4 miles in her frenetic music, drinks, and food.

The event of the year is always attract enthusiasm. Millions of visitors come from all ages, social status, race, local and foreign tourists. What is interesting? One of these fireworks.

Along with the end of the year countdown, fireworks explosions occurred one after another. The night sky was instantly glowing colors. Nonstop fireworks for about 30 minutes.

“I actually do not like crowds, but it was no excuse to not go to Copacabana beach at the turn of the year,” said Danny, a resident of Sao Paulo, in his personal website. Enjoying party at Copacabana, it is advisable for you to wear white clothes because they are considered auspicious colors.

Page timeout call no better place to celebrate the beginning of the year in Brazil except in Copacabana. “Many iconic places in the city, but Rio and Copacabana is the most special,” wrote the page when reviewing his favorite places to visit during the New Year.

“From the afternoon, evening to night and met this morning, the party never stopped. You can enjoy all the drinks and food or mix with 2 million people dressed in white (symbol of peace) and yellow (prosperity). This is Rio,” continued review it.

As mentioned the fireworks are identical, represent timeout with one word: spectacular! Warm temperatures, parties and endless hustle was the most likely to displace a party frenzy in the U.S., is also a party in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, Spain, in a global survey of Badoo.

For Italy, the page does find romance on the Italian people themselves while celebrating the New Year. It is characterized by, among others, the party kiss in Venice Piazza San Marco.

“None of the show the crowd that beat celebration in Copacabana beach Rio de Janeiro, Brazi,” wrote Badoo. In addition to fireworks, one of the other tradition in this place is throwing flowers into the sea ahead of the middle of the night.

Copacabana Beach Brazil

Copacabana Beach Brazil (

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