Cross Europe via train

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January 30, 2014

Cross Europe via train, standing in Turkey means treading the border of Asia and Europe. To pass the two continents, which has created a lot of access. Some chose the path of air to save time, but there are enjoyed by road.

Venice Simplon Orient Express

Venice Simplon Orient Express

Cross Europe from Asia via train
The Venice Simplon Orient Express so one option is tempting to traverse Europe from Turkey. The fast train offers a different experience that can not be obtained on an airplane.

The main route is Istanbul, Turkey, towards Venice, Italy. Visitors will be brought to wade beauty of mainland Europe, wander through the Balkan countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary or the Czech Republic.

Initially, these trains serve only a short route from Paris to Vienna, but was extended to complete the adventure passengers.

This train is designed very luxurious with classic style 1920 – 1930s. The carriage is designed like a decoration in old mystery movie, Murder On The Orient Express in 1934.

Cross Europe via the land is not new. Since 1977, this transportation mode has been presented. Passengers can explore Istanbul to Paris by fast train.

This lasted until 2007 because the trains do not operate anymore. Then start up again in 2009 through The Venice Simplon Orient Express this.

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