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Wednesday, April 24th 2013. | Asia

culinary tours 337x450 Culinary tours in Pattaya

culinary tours

Fourth day newhotelus contributor vacation to Thailand, we try culinary tours in Pattaya to taste the cuisine of Thailand. First we tried to eat at the restaurant opposite the Tune hotel, we message each shrimp squid, it feels strange turns sour celery leaves plus many very unsuitable with our tongue. It was not until we spent half the meal. Then we try to move and buy typical Thailand rice, mixed rice turns in pork, as we know that it does not want to eat pork. Finally we try to buy rice ready to eat at the family mart that tastes pretty good though a bit odd.

After a less than satisfactory culinary tour, we try to buy the bat meal with costs 30 bath, and buy durian and mango fruit because in pattaya famous for its organic fresh fruit and sweet. Anyway whole day we tried culinary tourism of cuisine Thailand hehehehe, after know and feel if it does not fit with our tongue, then the next day until the last day we take a trip in pattaya newhotelsus writer decided to buy food at KFC or mc donalds. Because in pattaya area very difficult to find halal food, their average pork menu so less suitable for Muslims who love culinary tours.

Culinary at along the way of pattaya beach, have a lot of people sell snacks for friend relaxing on the beach. When we were there the streets have people selling snacks like martabak but it bananas, and eggs. We try buying a high curiosity because the buy queue. The price of bananas martabak 40 bath and we try to buy one, cooking exactly the same way as to make martabak in Indonesia plus stuffed banana whipped egg after it sliced ​​sweet condensed milk hemmm were yummy, of all the dishes we tried were suitable flavor with our tongue and it feels good, yes martabak banana taste so gyrus, sweet essence fairly steady hehehe.

Can say food prices in pattaya are not too expensive just feels really chaotic for us, so for my friends who have a plan vacations and culinary tours in Pattaya if you want to eat immediately find a definite restaurant like kfc, kebab, Mc Donald principal foods is accustomed we eat.

culinary in pattaya 337x450 Culinary tours in Pattaya

culinary in pattaya

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