Design solution for small apartment

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Design solution for small apartment – Clifton Leung Design Workshop sending photos of designs for small apartment on Wampoa Garden, Hong Kong, China. His work is a design solution for the small apartment design, because of the size of 39 m2 apartment can accommodate most any activity in the house.

small apartment

small apartment (

Design solution for small apartment

This apartment design uses warm and beautiful lighting game. For the lights, purpose hidden under the furniture in order to produce the impression of floating furniture to create a more spacious apartment atmosphere.

As quoted from Freshome, this small apartment is intentionally using a minimal design with minimalist style in lines that seem clean. Apartment room are just using the colors white and beige, the intent to cause the warmth of the apartment.

In zoning, there are two main zones: the dining and living activities and sleep zone. In both zones are distinguished by using different floors are stone floors and wooden floors. For these two zones are separated by a sliding door that allows for quiet relaxation and sleep zone as a pleasant place to live zone.

In the mini apartment there are also furniture that has a maximum storage. Furniture has plenty of hidden storage spaces and can be a solution for you who have small apartments, even measuring only 39 meters away.

apartment design

apartment design (

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