Different definition of Vacation

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July 9, 2014

Each person has a different definition of the word “vacation”. Starting from the measured amount of the costs incurred, away vacation location selected, also the experience gained.


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Previously, travel to overseas activities is still seen as a special case. Decades ago, flying by plane is glamorous. Meanwhile, set foot on the beach have a dream of all people.

Today, as the world economy more advanced, luxurious image changed. Exclusivity a trip with high prices no longer be the benchmark that someone managed and has a high level.

Now, in a tourist activity, people prefer the luxury experience than he got. This makes changing travel trends. Each agent tourism innovations on its tourism program, as quoted from the Telegraph.

For vacation example, guests staying at Villa Escudero Philippines. They can dine at the restaurant tasted different waterfalls. Visitors can enjoy lunch and dinner with a variety of culinary specialties Akanan Philippine bamboo served at the table. The guests do not need to wear closed shoes as neat or guaranteed to be wet.

Others with the inn which was founded by two international rugby players from England, Austin Healey and Will Greenwood. They provide a package of rugby training by professional trainers for her guests.

This travel trend still seems to continue in the future. People will be amazed when they hear strange stories or amazing experience of someone who is return from holiday.

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