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Friday, March 22nd 2013. | Asia

Newhotelus friend stories about the experience of vacation to pattaya Thailand. While searching on the internet, any promotions cheap tickets purpose Surabaya – Bangkok so simply booking for holiday with family as well as to celebrate the wedding anniversary. Airlines promo is air asia for booking now, leaving 6 months thereafter or may use the services of selling cheap tickets. Coincidence when count the date while fitting right in March 2013 we departed. Air Asia does often hold surprises like this with a promo price of cheap tickets. I bought airline tickets to Thailand via online because it is convenient and practical then planned traveling in pattaya city.

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Story of xperience vacation to Pattaya:
The flight to Thailand at 15.00 on 03 March 2013, we decided to leave early for the juanda airport Surabaya if you want to go abroad must checks at immigration for the accuracy of data and identity checking whether appropriate or not, if it makes the people who are being sought aka fugitive. Going abroad is somewhat complicated affairs but that’s the rule. Arrival at Surabaya airport and want to go to Bangkok airport Don Mueang (DMK) newhotelus friend take pictures first, at 19.00 we arrived at the airport in bangkok city is famous for papaya fruit and budha statue. Surabaya-Bangkok journey about 4 hours through the air. Arriving at the airport Don Mueang (DMK) I had time to take photos for documentation and mementos although in view of people and look narcissistic, but still ignored it the first time to go to bangkok so do not want to miss an important moment. Aircraft station or Don Mueang airports include new and spacious and nice, the halls of the airport in bangkok to go to the taxi rank at the base is good until we tried to ask apparently taxi fare from Don Mueang airport to pattaya is quite expensive, because pattaya city is our vacation destination and has a message booking to pattaya hotel there. Then let thrifty and frugal fare, we decided to take the bus.

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bangkok airport

It turned out that the night bus at the airport had nothing directly to pattaya, so we take a taxi from the airport to morchit 2 (bus terminal in bangkok) pay about 75 bath, until we got on the bus at the terminal back to the air conditioned bus terminal Pattaya we pay around 124 one person bath, get pattaya bus terminal go to the hotel where we stayed on the 2 road pattaya sat Banglamung Chonburi, Thailand approximately 5 km from the bus station. and there is a choice of motorcycles transport or pick-up car. we tried it up pickup with the cost of a single person pay 50 bath, so that two people so 100 bath. Arrived at the hotel late at night almost 1 hour more, we immediately reservation because we have a message before leaving the hotel and had to pay for 10 days on our holiday in pattaya.

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bus terminal

So for friends who wants to go with the least cost-effective and can try to route like stories experience vacation to Pattaya Thailand on top, the cost is quite cheap and efficient. Do not be afraid and ashamed of buses in bangkok and pattaya nice things and have air ac. if to the airport the night trying to take a taxi to the terminal morchit, from here find the bus to the terminal pattaya then ride car or motorbike taxi to where you stay. If calculated from the airport to the hotel in pattaya taxable costs 300 bath, very cheap right than take a taxi from Don Mueang airport to pattaya which cost 1200 bath, because the distance Don Mueang airport in Bangkok to pattaya swallowing two hours.

Experience holiday to pattaya Thailand this time was to tell an early departure and transportation from bangkok to pattaya, for hotels and attractions in pattaya newhotelus will tell in the next post, so just follow and look forward to the continuation of the vacation experience in pattaya.

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vacation to pattaya

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