Foods should be avoided when traveling so avoid motion sickness

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October 30, 2014

Motion sickness be it on land, air, or sea, is the most feared of the traveler. Headache and nausea that is felt while traveling can ruin the mood, even in the whole of your trip.

motion sickness

motion sickness

But you know, there are some foods that should be avoided when traveling, so that we avoid motion sickness. Consider the five’s food which we avoided when traveling to avoid motion sickness as quoted from Boldsky.

Dairy products
Milk and other dairy products like cheese, cream, and so is able to make a person feel sick the whole way. Not only that, these foods can also make flatulence and disrupt your comfort while driving.

This food is forbidden for consumption, especially when traveling. You certainly know how unhealthy fried. Eating fried foods and contain a lot of oil, is able to interfere with the body’s digestive process and make you uncomfortable the whole way.

The impact of alcohol consumption was most severe when you make air travel. This is because alcohol causes the body to become dehydrated quickly. It can also make you feel a headache and nausea.

Cheese and cold meats
Many traveler eating a sandwich purchased from the mini market to fill the stomach before traveling. Though the sandwiches were sold there usually use frozen ingredients are not fresh.
Likely to contain micro-organisms or bacteria are also quite large. This will certainly make you feel nauseous all the way. Especially if the body is in an unhealthy condition.

Non-vegetarian food
Non-vegetarian food such as fish, chicken, and red meat takes longer to digest the body. Therefore, when you are traveling, eating hard food was able to increase the digestive process. It can make you feel uncomfortable and nauseous.


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