Housing price in United States increased again

Post On: 3 February 2014
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February 3, 2014

After housing prices in the United States had dropped dramatically due to the extreme weather that occurred in recent months, but now the house price has increased again. Based on data from CoreLogic, housing prices in the United States increased by 11.2 percent during the third quarter of 2013.

housing price

housing price

Housing price trends in more than 380 markets in the United States of America, showed prices 17 percent higher during the fourth quarter of 2011. Worldpropertychannel launch the highest increase was in the area at the downtown population or population above 950 thousand. The region of which Las Vegas has increased 30 percent, 27 percent Sacramento and Riverside, California by 26 percent.

Housing price in United States increased again
While the rate of price growth area is the late Philadelphia, Hartford, and New Orlens each of which is only increased by three percent.

“The price increase is predicted would not last long. Housing prices in U.S.A is much more affordable today than it was in 2006. Yet there is little fears of a bubble,” said chief economist of CoreLogic, David Stiff.

However, this report is a bit different from the report S & P / Case Shiller. Recorded house price increases in 20 U.S. cities recorded only reached 13.7 percent. Going forward, analysts predict housing prices in the U.S. will slow to a 4.2 percent rate in the third quarter in 2014.

Noted there are five regions in the United States will enjoy get benefits due to rising house prices in 2014. Among these Oakland, California, New Orleans, Fort Worth and Texas.

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