How to get cheap tickets without waiting promo

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August 11, 2013

Buy cheap plane tickets, do not just wait there promo from the airline. There is a trick how to get cheap tickets without having to wait for the promo.

cheap tickets

cheap tickets

Check out the review below, as quoted from Skyscanner. Here tips how to get cheap tickets without waiting promo:

Messages ticket six weeks before departure
Looking for cheap tickets does not mean you have to order from a few months earlier, not necessarily because at that time the price will be cheaper. The time is right to order tickets six weeks before departure, because according to the Airlines Reporting Corporation, the airline’s when lowering ticket prices.

Email list of favorite airline
The best way to get discounts and other attractive offers from your favorite airline is by registering their email newsletter. Typically, offer or promotion will be first to arrive via email rather than an official announcement in the media or the official website of the airline itself.

Buy tickets for flights on Tuesday afternoon
According to the theory of the ticket booking website Skyscanner, Tuesday is the best day to book airline tickets. Because, on the day it is usually cheaper airfares, most airlines also provide promo on Tuesday.

Buy tickets one way
Although not always, sometimes the price of a return ticket is more expensive than one-way ticket, you know! To get a cheap ticket, you can buy one ticket away from airline A, then return tickets from different airlines. It also gives you flexibility in travel.

cheap airline tickets

cheap airline tickets

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