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November 18, 2012

A French designer created the interior design colors for girls room and call room as a gypsy-style rooms. Besides the beauty of the decor, the room is also very functional. Which combine the room as a place to rest, a playground, and a comfortable space for learning.

girls room

girls room (

As quoted from interiorholic, the girl rooms are designed with colorful very interesting pattern that is reminiscent of the gypsy camp in the meadow flowers.

Using the basic color scheme of green, yellow, red, brown and pink, do not forget to add wallpaper to add the impression of lively interest in the room.

This room designed for girls ages four to six years with type baldaquin bed. In the room also put a small table and some other furniture for support.

Decorative bed actually looks like the gypsy tent. Moreover, some accessories such as rugs also have flowers pattern. No wonder it adds a very strong feminine.

So, if you want make interior design colors for girl room as place to rest and space for learning, try gypsy style rooms :)

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