Jenolan Cave is tourist destinations in Australia

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December 7, 2012

Jenolan Cave is one of the tourist destinations in New South Wales, Australia. However, the cave is full of history is worth a loss in the last nine years. So, the government was immediately looking for ways to save this tourist destination.

Jenolan Cave

Jenolan Cave (

Jenolan Cave that had been managed by the government started to open themselves to receive assistance from the private sector to develop tourism history.

Environment Minister Robyn Parker said this place has become one of the main icons for Australia. But unfortunately failed to thrive despite receiving subsidies of up to USD700 thousand annually.

In fact, approximately 226.000 visitors came to the Jenolan caves to enjoy the natural beauty of this cave every year. However, only half of the stay at this historic cave hotel. Similarly, as quoted from the SMH.

“There is no reason not to grow Jenola cave. It is time the private sector was also thinking about how to help the country’s assets to continue to grow,” said Parker.

According to him, the search effort to save this historical tourist destinations will begin in early 2013. Cooperative effort with the private sector is also includes management takeover of the cave. Cooperation between the private sector, government, non-profit organizations, and the public will hopefully make Jenolan Cave as tourist destinations more frequently visited by tourists.

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