Kasha-Katuwe in Jemez mountain

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July 10, 2015

United States of America is not just about New York, Los Angeles or Washington DC. There are still many exciting destinations to visit in the land of Uncle Sam, one of the Jemez Mountains, located in New Mexico, between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.


Kasha Katuwe

Kasha-Katuwe in Jemez mountain
In the mountainous areas, there is a unique rock formation called the Stone Tent Kasha-Katuwe.
Reported Amusing Planet, the rock formations have even been designated as a national monument in 2001, because the Kasha-Katuwe an ancient relic.

Given its history, the rock formations have about 7 million years old. It is estimated that the tent-shaped rock formation is the result of the Jemez volcanic eruptions.

In contrast to the eruption of the volcano spewed lava and lava generally heat directly to the slope, the eruption of Mount Jemez form pyroclastic flow that it is slowly forming a cone.

Over time, wind and water erode the rock and forming the tip of the cone, and the wall “tents” are more subtle, including forming the surrounding cliffs and ravines. Due to the influence of nature, each tent has a height varies, from a few feet to as high as 30 meters.

The Kasha-Katuwe name is taken from the village near the Jemez Mountains previously inhabited by humans, about 7000 years ago. Ancient Indian society, Pueblo tribe, inhabiting the area as evidenced by posts petroglyphs and ruins of their homes.

Although there are traces of Spanish adventurers in the 14th century, new Kasha-Katuwe untouched modern civilization in the early 18th century. Are you interested in visiting stone tent Kasha-Katuwe?


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