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List best hotels for women – Spending time with friends is an occasional thing you need to do. Well for women, in particular, how this can be done with a holiday together to the various tourist attractions or stay at the hotel.

Surf Goddess Retreats 500x331 List best hotels for women

Surf Goddess Retreats

Now, women do not have to worry about hard to find a comfortable place and private accommodation. Therefore, more hotels in the world that offers special facilities for women.

Just look at a hotel in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which provides a floor exclusively for women. Or try to come to a hotel in France to enjoy the experience of watching a fashion show while enjoying a cup of tea.

As reported by CNN page, here are seven of the best hotels in the world for women.
List best hotels for women:

- Surf Goddess Retreats – Indonesia
This one lodging place in Bali, Indonesia, or rather in Jalan Kayu Aya. With the concept of the villa, the hotel offers a variety of amenities for women.
One is the course surfing and yoga sessions in the open garden. The resort also features a spa and all-round healthy serving.

- Jumeirah Emirates Towers – UAE
40th floor in Dubai’s five-star hotel specifically designed for the Eve. Men are not allowed to stay on the floor.
Floor called the Chopard Ladies Floor consists of 10 Tower Rooms and one Apex Suite is addressed in detail by the female hotel staff. Including unique wreath in each room. In addition to interest, consumers are also spoiled with yoga facilities in the room, where cosmetics and toiletries.

- Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort – United States
This ranch resort at the same time offering a special package for women called Cowgirl Bootcamp. The package combines experience with a variety of country comfort.
Guided by professional women wrangler, visitors can learn horseback riding and surfing along the 80 kilometer track. Other facilities at the resort is a picnic lunch, in the evening cocktail reception and presentation by the wine maker.

- Hotel Le Bristol Paris – France
Each month, the hotel in Paris held a session fashion show when tea time. The visitors can enjoy delicious pastries while watching models dressed in designer clothes waddle.

- The Chocolate Boutique Hotel – UK
What woman could resist chocolate delights? In the UK, there is a chocolate-themed hotel that is guaranteed to make a woman’s heart melt.
Every day, guests staying at this hotel got a shipment of chocolate. They can also experience the taste of chocolate as well as classes to make shoes out of chocolate. Name in the hotel room was not separated from shades of brown. Call it The Cocoa Bean and Chocolate Truffle Suite.

- Hayman hotel – Australia
For women with high fashion sense and bold bags, Hayman hotel in Australia could be an attractive option. The hotel has just launched a new penthouse is named after Belgian-born designer, Diane von Furstenberg.
Judging from its name, the penthouse was designed by Furstenberg own. This penthouse is able to accommodate four guests and features a private photography of the designer.

- Lake Austin Spa Resort – United States
The resort is like a dream garden for the women. There are more than 100 unique body treatment that you and your friends can enjoy together. In addition to regular pedicures and manicures, the resort also provides a bruise, Japanese acupuncture, and massage bamboo roll.
Not only that, you can follow the cooking classes, fitness classes, book clubs, seminar style, tutorial to learn gardening. In the resort there is even a program called Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends. A program aimed at strengthening relationships between women.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers List best hotels for women

Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort List best hotels for women

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort

Hotel Le Bristol Paris 500x281 List best hotels for women

Hotel Le Bristol Paris

Chocolate Boutique Hotel List best hotels for women

Chocolate Boutique Hotel

Hayman hotel 500x331 List best hotels for women

Hayman hotel

Lake Austin Spa Resort 500x290 List best hotels for women

Lake Austin Spa Resort

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