List of pink sand resort Caribbean

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pink sand resort List of pink sand resort Caribbean

pink sand resort

List of pink sand resort Caribbean. Pink sand resort around Caribbean beaches are available for you and if you think that you need the resorts, however first thing that you need to do is that finding the location of your beach choice. First, you could find out Antiqua and Barbuda that is around that island that has salmon – pink sand color. It is the popular place for many people which then popular as the superb snorkeling spots. In this island, there are 365 beaches and beach around Barbuda are deserted and even undeveloped. That is why it is the exciting place for many people to have diving off even if you think that you like to explore, there are a lot of sunken ships you could find out.

Bonaire becomes the second beach recommendation for you with its pink sand and there is Pink beach since it has more vibrant pink sands. It is the place for snorkeling, scuba diving and even for picnic. The third for pink sand resort recommendation is The Bahamas that is on Cat island and there are two spots for pink sand that are North Shore which is five miles of quiet and also Fine Beach that is located in beachfront area within a lovely pink sand around 12 miles.

There, you could find out luxury resort which completed with cottages around the oceanfront. The last is Bermuda which offers more pink sand in the location of beach. The most popular beach is Horseshoe Bay Beach that shaped just like a horseshoe. The sand is paler pink completed with clear blue water. You could also find out public restrooms, showers, and also café around the beachfront. It will be challenging for you to have snorkeling because the strong swells. For romantic picnic, you could have Jobson’s Cove as the hideaway location completed with calmer waters for swimming for pink sand resort.

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Horseshoe Bay Beach

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