List of tourist attractions that bring good luck

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January 6, 2013

List of tourist attractions that bring good luck. Any several tourist places became famous because it is believed to bring good fortune, either by rubbing, kissing, or flip a coin. It is not known exactly how the truth, but the travel destinations is never devoid of tourists.

tourist spots

tourist spots

Follow my blog with Bloglovin As quoted from Huffingtonpost, this tourist attractions have been suggestion handed down and many of the travelers who want to prove it. So the tourist spots are becoming increasingly popular and crowded visited by people who are curious about the truth of the news.

Here List of tourist attractions that bring good fortune:

Blarney Stone, Ireland
The Blarney Stone is a stone block of bluestone built into the Castle Blarney, Blarney Castle which lies approximately 8 kilometres from the city of Cork, Ireland. According to legend, anyone who kissed the stone will be given the gift of speaking skills or flatter. The stone is housed in the Tower of the castle in 1446.
The castle itself is one of the popular tourist destinations in Ireland because of the mythology of kissing the stone. The Ritual of kissing the stone is well known, and has been done millions of people, including world statesman, writer, and star of the film, so according to the owner of the Castle.
To kiss Blarney Stone is not easy. Visitors must ride to the top of the Castle then leaned into the back wall of the delimiters.

Blarney Stone in Ireland

Blarney Stone (

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy
This fountain is located in the District of Trevi, Rome, Italy, with a height of 26 meters wide and 20 meters. Trevi fountain is the largest baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountain in the world.
Outdoor fountain was filled with thousands of coins. According to legend, tourists throw a coin into the fountain was definitely will return to Rome with her soul mate.
Estimated there are around 3,000 euro coins thrown into the pool every day. This money is used to subsidize the needs of the market. Unfortunately, the trevi fountain in Rome was getting old and high-value parts began to crumble.

Trevi Fountain in Rome

Trevi Fountain

Charging Bull on Wall Street, United States
The statue of a bull which is also nicknamed “the Bull of Wall Street” was made of bronze and has a weight of around 3,200 pounds. The statue was designed Arturo di Modica and stood in Bowling Green Park near Wall Street in Manhattan, New York.
This Charging Bull is the symbol of financial optimism and prosperity, according to an aggressive form of bull that is ready to run. According to local belief, who rubs the horns, nose, and other parts of this Bull will get luck financially.
This Bull statue is one of the most popular icons of New York City. In fact, travelers who come will take themselves to wipe this statue.

Charging Bull on Wall Street

Charging Bull on Wall Street (

Upwey well, Dorset
Upwey is a small village located to the South of Dorset, United Kingdom. In this village, there is a well which is believed to bring good luck.
The well is located in a beautiful place, even though it is not registered as a monument or an important tourist site. However, the local population respects the well as one of the important tourist attractions in Dorset, United Kingdom.
According to local tradition, the well can give you wealth and good luck if you toss a coin into it. This makes the Upwey wishing well visited many tourists even though it is located in a small village.

Lincoln’s Tomb, Illinois, United States
Lincoln’s Tomb or grave of Lincoln is located in Oak Ridge Cemetery, the State of Illinois, United States. This tomb is the final resting place for the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.
This grave is marked Lincoln’s face sculpture made of bronze. The color of the nose statue is younger than other parts of his face because according to local stories, visitors who rubbed the nose of the statue’s fate will get lucky.

That above is several place or list of tourist spots that bring good luck for travelers who visited and doing the suggestion of the place. Are you interesting and want going to there?

Lincoln's Tomb, Illinois

Lincolns Tomb

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