List of tourist places forbidden to take pictures

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November 13, 2012

List of tourist places forbidden to take pictures. Some place that has high history or risky to the safety factor generally would prohibit tourists taking pictures. For example, in the United Arab Emirates, a modern hotel implement these rules.

Emirates Palace hotel

Emirates Palace hotel (

Here are some other places that do not allow visitors take pictures, as quoted from FoxNews.
List of tourist places forbidden to take pictures:

Emirates Palace, Arab
This is a modern hotel that stood firm in the United Arab Emirates. Emirates Palace hotel was built using marble material brought from all over the world. The ban is not pictured in vain. Years ago, when someone is breaking the rules, he was immediately thrown into prison.

Bachkovo Monastery, Bulgaria
Bachkovo Monastery in Bulgaria is Eastern Orthodox structure was first built in this place approximately 1,000 years ago. Some of them had been destroyed during the Crusades. When visiting this place, travelers will be prohibited to perpetuate their activities.

Golden Gai District, Tokyo
This area is right in the heart of the district of Shinjuku, Tokyo. Previously, this area was the center of post-war. It also makes the visitors are prohibited from taking pictures of Golden Gai District place.

Lenin Mausoleum, Russia
Tomb of Vladimir Lenin, the first leader of the Soviet Union Republic, designed like ancient tombs. In honor of his body, the visitors are prohibited to take pictures inside the building.

Golden Gai District

Golden Gai District (

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