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List of unique and beautiful bridgebridge, is now no longer a path connecting two different places. But, also being a place that is able to attract attention, so it can serve as an attractive vacation destination.

Rakotz bridge 500x367 List of unique and beautiful bridge

Rakotz bridge

Not because of its function, but rather a unique and beautiful shape. Like the six bridges following is quoted from the BBC. Here list of unique and beautiful bridge:

- Rakotz bridge, Germany
This was proof that the bridge is not just connecting two places, but also as a result of the combined works of man and nature art. Rakotz bridge in Kromlau, Germany, the bridge was probably just plain with a curved shape.
That makes it special is the scenery around him. With a clear calm lake and karst rocks sticking out of the bottom of the lake, making the scenery around this bridge was very romantic.

- Floating bridge, Malaysia
The floating bridge is made ​​by an architect named Mayur Kanaya’s , built on top of Mount Mat Chopped on the island of Langkawi. According Kanaya, the bridge is made to provide an experience for the tourists to set foot lightly on the sky while enjoying the forest and wildlife.

floating bridge 500x281 List of unique and beautiful bridge

floating bridge

- Splitting the river bridge, Netherlands
If most of the bridges were made on the water, the sunken bridge at Fort de Roovere, near the village of Halsteren, Netherlands, was actually created by splitting the river. This bridge was made by architecture Zhuoyi named Wu who designed the bridge like a moat. Bridge wall serves as a dam to hold back water into the bridge.

- Rolling Bridge, London
Bridge the divide when a passing ship, may be used. But, what if the bridge actually roll when a ship across the sea? This unique bridge in Paddington Basin, London. With the name Rolling Bridge, this bridge will be rolled each time a ship passes to the Grand Union Canal on Friday afternoon.

Rolling Bridge 500x220 List of unique and beautiful bridge

Rolling Bridge

- Stone bridge, Yemen
A mechanical engineer named Achilleas Vortselas once said that there will never be a modern bridge that can beat the beauty of traditional stone bridge. Stone bridge to be evidence of human persistence in overcoming obstacles, even with simple technical means. Shaharah Bridge in Yemen is one such example.

- Root bridge, India
If the bridge is usually made ​​of stone or wood, the root bridge in the village of Cherrapunji in Meghalaya state, India, is actually made ​​from the root of the tree. The root of the tree in the left and right banks of rivers, plaited to form a bridge.
War-Khasis, a local tribe in this place has been made ​​of the root bridge since time immemorial. As a result, the root bridge can still be used by the residents to cross the river 30 meters.

root bridge 500x343 List of unique and beautiful bridge

root bridge

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