Minibar not function in hotel facilities

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January 2, 2014

What most facilities do not function in a hotel room? TripAdvisor travel sites to find answers to these questions. As reported by the LATimes pages, the survey showed that the minibar was considered most useful for guests hotel who stay.



Minibar not function in hotel facilities
From the survey results, it appears that 89 percent of travelers prefer the internet as the most important facilities. Along with the survey results, travel industry experts also say that the age of the minibar will not be much longer.

So far, there are few hotels that has eliminated the minibar. This is done because the complexity of the supply of goods. Often there were disputes between the parties hotels and guest related to fees charged minibar.

But beyond that, some hotels still set a minibar facilities. They maintained at least until now because there are profits to be scooped.

Hotel consulting firm estimates, minibar income of no more than 0.24 percent of total hotel revenue. The advantage was cut short by the cost to check and complete bar.

Minibar is also predicted future bleak, especially because of social trends that encourage tourists to go to the lobby for socializing and surfing the internet. This is contrary to what is offered by the minibar. Guests hotel sitting alone in a room with food and drinks to be had in a hotel room.

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