Needs of women tourists in hotel

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February 22, 2013

Certainly needs of women different from men. Similarly, the needs of those in the hotel, tourist women definitely need other things at pleasure.

tourist woman

tourist woman

Needs of tourist women in hotel

According to a study from Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, the needs of women tourists in hotels, include hair straightener, yoga mats, cell phone charger, and a high-quality shampoo. These items are needed because they often neglect brought from home.

“We did some research to find out what woman customers want in hotel. And, there are many who need the little things,” said Sara Kearney, Senior Vice President of Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, as quoted from USAToday.

Apparently, according to many women tourists, where shampoo and hair straighteners in the hotel is very important. “If the hotel provides hair straightener will be very good, so I do not have to bother,” said Meilee Anderson, one of the respondents.

“When visiting a good hotel, I expect them to provide the best quality shampoo: Most hotels provide shampoos with poor quality, so that the hair can be damaged,” said Kim Musheno, tourist from Washington, DC

Other items requested by tourist women that are always available at the hotel are air conditioning, shower cap, nail polish remover, as well as bath salts.

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