Passengers across Europe stuck on airports due to snow storm

Post On: 19 January 2013
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January 19, 2013

A few days thousands of passengers across Europe stuck on airports due to the snow storm that forced the plane could not leave. This causes the activity of traveling by airplane be delayed.

snow storm

snow storm (

Over 1000 travelers were stranded at Munich airport, Germany because no planes departing due to the blizzard that attacked Europe. Rain snow and ice canceled hundreds of flights in this second busiest airport in Germany.

In the absence of available hotels around the airport and 300 flights were canceled, stranding passengers have no choice other than remain at the airport. Thousands of passengers were forced to sleep on the airport floor paved with only a thin blanket.

Flights were also canceled in Austria. Vienna airport had to be closed due to the runway has snow five inches thick. Because of this, 160 flights had not run, as quoted from Dailymail.

Meanwhile, Paris has so far not snowing, so there is no flight is disrupted. But the snow is expected to appear this weekend, because most of the French territory was covered with snow and ice.

Although many airlines do not run, road trip such as rail and car still running as usual. Ski resorts in Europe actually receive more tourists because the cold air. This positive aspect for ground transportation since passenger flight was delayed due to a snow storm.

stuck on airports

stuck on airports (

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