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August 15, 2013

Hello Newhotelus friends, you want to be a backpacker traveling the world? Needless to far-away, around Asia first. Asia is a suitable place for the backpacker who does not want to spend a lot of money to travel. Check out review about reason Asia be cheap vacation spots below, as quoted from BootsnAll.

Asian cuisine

Asian cuisine

Here reason Asia so cheap vacation place:
Culinary cheap with a sense of ‘kick’
Asian cuisine has long been a favorite of world travelers because of its rich flavor and full of flavor. Plus, the food you can get at a bargain price! No wonder roadside snacks, like Bangkok or Vietnam, so crowded by the backpacker.

friendly bags
Backpacker travelers certainly prefer a cheap destination to be visited as much as any place they want. This is definitely you get in Asia. In countries, such as Laos or Vietnam, you even just simply spend approximately USD 15-20 per day.

easy to navigate
Asia has been a lot of budget airline network. And, if you want to save again, traveling around Asia will be easy to do with interstate buses. These buses also offer travel at night so you can save the cost of lodging.

Internet access is easy
Do not think in European countries that have modern you can more easily gain access to the internet. In Europe, you have to pay dearly to get WiFi access. In Asia, the internet access can be obtained free of charge anywhere, either on a public street or hostel, while it is in the big city.

That is four important reason Asia be cheap vacation destination for your next travel, so you can backpacking with low budget and have lots interesting new experience.

Asia map

Asia map

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