Las Vegas hotels guide

Hello newhotelus friends, if you visiting USA and want to explore the Vegas city in Nevada, please consider this Las Vegas hotels guide and restaurants review, okay. Treasure Island,

Tourist attractions that will be popular in 2013

Tourist attractions that will be popular in 2013. In this year, it will be a lot of new tourist attraction in the world who immediately opened. There are also

Tourists come to Las Vegas to shopping

...t to Las Vegas. But there is also a claim that Las Vegas is a destination that is too expensive to visit. gambling destination Find travel hotel: new

Prince Harry boost Las Vegas tourism are not appropriate Prince Harry should get internet widespread and damaging to the reputation of the second son of the late Princess Diana. Las Vegas Find travel

Entertainment attractions in Las Vegas city

The city of Las Vegas, United States (USA), it is astounding. Every entertainment venue that meets most of the city is not only making the hotel and entertainment attractions

Set motion of Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, you can do anything as long as have money. In fact, you can set the motion fountain! Bellagio Fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel and