List of Flea markets in the world

...ys. The market there since 1920. Its 3,000 kiosks provide a range of jewelery, chandeliers, cloth, and painting for musical instruments, vintage postcards, and an eclectic collection of French.

Hunting unique goods in Monastiraki flea market at Athens

Athens is always providing unique things for tourists who come. Reporting from Travellingclassroom, there are market selling second-hand goods named Monastiraki. The type of goods sold was varied at

Shopping centers in Bangkok

Shopping centers in Bangkok, Thailand. For the true traveler, long holiday weekend is not the time lazing at home. Venturing into new places and unique hunting items at low

Night markets must visit Market, Bangkok Every Saturday night outside the station area of ​​Ratchadapisek, Bangkok, there is a night market that sells used goods such as jeans or a vintage


Crowds of San Telmo Antiques Fair, flea market located between Independecia Avenue and Avenue San Juan was able to invite curious tourists. This market selling antiques, costume jewelry, vintage


Interestingly, not all visitors to the Monastiraki flea market comes to shopping for some that come to just to look around. They are typical tourists who love to chat