The picture on the album cover of The Beatles, titled Abbey Road is very famous all over the world. In the picture it looks all four Beatles crossing the


Khao San Road This shopping area is often referred to as the mandatory of the Backpackers are on holiday in Bangkok. Khao San Road is a short street that

Shopping centers in Bangkok

...nightlife spot localization legalized by the Thai government. This destination is located in between Sukhumvit Road and Siloam Road. The travelers can buy typical souvenirs of Thailand at varying

Tourist attractions related to the Beatles

...ument to the place that inspired the song, made tourist attractions. What is the Beatles vacation destination? Abbey Road ( According the Telegraph website, coinciding with the ongoing


- Hollywood Road This is a filled with jewelry shops and antique stores. This place is one of tourist favorite. Hollywood Road is named, because this area was originally

Three days vacation to Thailand

...on to stay. If you like crowds, shopping and nightlife, Patong Beach is the right area. Getting close to Bangla Road, the more crowded. If you love peace, but