beautiful scenery vacation without beaches

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List of dangerous beaches in the world

List of dangerous beaches in the world. So many beaches in the world, sand and the waves, it’s no wonder many tourists to make the beach as a destination. Beach winds can also relax your mind and body from fatigue. dangerous beaches However, not all the beautiful beaches in the world to enjoy. Some of the beaches there may even endanger visitors. Here is a list of dangerous beaches in the world, as reported from Siliconindia page. List of…

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February 26, 2013

List of beautiful beaches in Europe

Beautiful beaches and attractive is sure to be targeted tourist as one vacation destination. Did you know, beaches with exotic sights not only in the tropics area, in continental Europe there are also many beautiful beach. The following list of beautiful beach in Europe based on an article from Globalgrasshopper. Patara beach ( List of beautiful beaches in Europe: – Patara beach, Turkey Patara is a coastal village…

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September 6, 2012

List best beaches holidays

List best beaches holidays – within the listing of best Florida beaches, you’ll certainly find beach holidays new england at the very top position. You will find numerous beaches contained in Bermuda, Jamaica, too as with Virgin Islands of U.S. to achieve at Bermuda, fly from New York City. At these places, vacationers will love their buggy and equine ride. Those who are getting curiosity about adventurous will discover this area bec…

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Kim Kardashian vacation destinations

…ted States It looks like the beach is a favorite destination Kim Kardashian. Not long ago, she was also seen on vacation in Hawaii Beach, USA. But this time, she was seen with her boyfriend Kanye West. Beaches Hawaii is already a favorite travel destination for celebrities. Open to the blue sky and a light breeze, the beaches in Hawaii more beautiful with the surrounding green hills. The sunlight seemed to dance-dancing in the trees and reflectin…

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March 18, 2015

Beautiful beaches in Brazil

Brazil has a row of beautiful beach with all the charm of the west end to the east end. While watching the grand event of the FIFA World Cup 2014, travelers should not miss the panoramic 10 beaches. Reported by the Telegraph, the list 10 most beautiful beaches in the land of Samba. Copacabana Beach Here beautiful beaches in Brazil: Baia do sancho This beach is often chosen as a favorite beach TripAdvisor version. Beaches that make up the park ar…

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June 3, 2014

Best islands on Earth

…nd. Vancouver Island Got the poll numbers as much as 81.122, the island is in Canada this saves a lot of exotic scenery, endless if only see within days. There you can fish for salmon, try the best wines, sail boat charter, visiting beautiful beaches, and learn about glassblowing, or glass blowing. Interesting is not it? One of the recommended places to stay Condé Nast Traveler magazine readers in that place, is the Wickaninnish Inn, which they d…

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