Barcelona city in Europe are often cheat tourists this town. Here are 10 cities in Europe are often ‘cheat’ tourists, based from the Telegraph: 1. Barcelona 2. Paris 3. Rome 4. Amsterdam 5. Istanbul 6. Madrid

List of best islands in the world

List of best islands in the world, what it takes an island to win the title as the best? The string of beautiful beaches with a vast expanse of

List best beaches holidays

List best beaches holidays – within the listing of best Florida beaches, you’ll certainly find beach holidays new england at the very top position. You will find numerous beaches

List best hotels in Europe

Best hotels in europe could be expensive for you because of the inclusive accommodation. Well, it does not mean that you have to save your cost to hostel hop.

Cedar Point as the Best amusement park in the World

A survey was conducted to find the best amusement park in the world. Largest selection falls to Cedar Point. Cedar Point ( Cedar Point won the award 15

Boracay island is the best island in the world

...tourists. Unfortunately, this time the Bali island should be yield Boracay island in the Philippines who won the best island in the world. U.S. travel magazine, Travel + Leisure,