Copacabana beach is dream place to spend New Year

...;None of the show the crowd that beat celebration in Copacabana beach Rio de Janeiro, Brazi,” wrote Badoo. In addition to fireworks, one of the other tradition in this

Beautiful beaches in Brazil

...ach Ornate red rock cliffs completed atmosphere Love Beach in Pipa. The beach is very romantic to be visited by the honeymoon couples. In coastal areas there is

Recommendation beach for holiday

Not everyone likes to visit the beach. However, these recommendation beaches for holiday will make their fall in love. Of course for many people, relaxing on the beach is

Colored beaches in the world

Pfeiffer Beach in Big SurTypically, sand beaches has color yellowish white. But, in some places in the world, sand beach has a different color. These colors add to the

Vacation destinations visited in 2013

...eauty that is no less than the leading tourist attractions are popular in Europe, America, and Australia. One of the most attractive tourist charm of Cape Town is a

New California beach motels lobby

New California beach motels provided you a lot of new lobby. One of the examples for you is the motel completed with new lodging, near with Marina beach that