honey 2 in pattaya

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honey 2 in pattaya is story and review about honey 2 in pattaya at New Hotel Travel. Newhotelus with happy make note related to honey 2 in pattaya.

Experience vacation to Pattaya Thailand

Newhotelus friend stories about the experience of vacation to pattaya Thailand. While searching on the internet, any promotions cheap tickets purpose Surabaya – Bangkok so simply booking for holiday with family as well as to celebrate the wedding anniversary. Airlines promo is air asia for booking now, leaving 6 months thereafter or may use the services of selling cheap tickets. Coincidence when count the date while fitting right in March…

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March 22, 2013

About Pattaya girls

Are you want going to Pattaya? Are you looking for your upcoming holiday or have you contemplated making it your place of escape? Regardless, you are probably thinking about the Pattaya women! Indeed, the girls of Pattaya. Alluring, obtainable and seeking a American man. Smooth sleek black hair, alluring entire body and remarkable entertaining individuality, you’re only one if you are interested in the Pattaya girls. Pattaya girls About Pa…

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March 17, 2014

First day of vacation at Pattaya beach

…item: nee taw rai I want to go: chan yak pai please i: chuay Duay and others For newhotelus reader who went to pattaya need to carry a small note for the dictionary for general communication and regular daily use as above. Oh yes, beaches in pattaya very much, such as: koh lan beach beach koh khrok kohsi beach chang beach koh sak Samae beach nual beach tien beach Tawaen ta yai Naban pier It’s the first day of vacation at pattaya beach was…

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April 1, 2013

Stay in Tune Hotel pattaya

One of newhotelus contributor stay in tune hotel Pattaya when traveling in an area full of pubs, bars and nightclubs. Can be said this is very beneficial, because the tune hotel located in central center close to the beach, walking street, public places, pattaya international hospital, stores, malls, and a massage place there are have plus-plus honey2 body massage, sabai dee, honey, Sabay room body massage, really complete if want to anywhere cl…

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March 30, 2013

Sightseeing in walking street Pattaya

In walking street, Pattaya is can be said a paradise on earth for the night entertainment lovers because along the way, many entertainment venues ranging from bars serving streaptease dancer, dance poll, adult attractions, live music, clubbing, insomnia discotheques, ago go bars. Red areas or walking street pattaya started crowded and many visitors from 7 pm to 5 am. When lunch time it’s lonely because walking street location dedicated to…

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April 7, 2013

Culinary tours in Pattaya

culinary toursFourth day newhotelus contributor vacation to Thailand, we try culinary tours in Pattaya to taste the cuisine of Thailand. First we tried to eat at the restaurant opposite the Tune hotel, we message each shrimp squid, it feels strange turns sour celery leaves plus many very unsuitable with our tongue. It was not until we spent half the meal. Then we try to move and buy typical Thailand rice, mixed rice turns in pork, as we know th…

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April 24, 2013