hotel opening in 2014 in dubai

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hotel opening in 2014 in dubai is story and review about hotel opening in 2014 in dubai at New Hotel Travel. Newhotelus with happy make note related to hotel opening in 2014 in dubai.

List luxury hotel favorite celebrities

Newhotelus will share list luxury hotel favorite celebrities. This list hotel frequently visited famous people and celebrities because of special characteristics and has an appeal that add value service, although its price is relatively expensive but well worth the luxury obtained. InterContinental Hotel Düsseldorf Here list luxury hotel favorite celebrities: – InterContinental Hotel Düsseldorf, Germany InterContinental Hotel Düsseldorf is…

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August 5, 2012

List of five star luxury hotel with extreme facility

…Four Seasons Bora Bora, French Polynesia With more than 100 bungalows on the water and seven beachfront villas, Hotel Four Seasons Bora-Bora in French Polynesia is the most appropriate place for your honeymoon. When you stay at the bungalow, you will be able to plunge into the sea crystal clear Bora Bora. The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong Since opening in March 2011, Hong Kong Ritz Carlton Hotel has 16 floors in the tower as high as 488 meters to the t…

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February 5, 2013

Best airport hotel in world

List of best airport hotel in the world. Gone are the days when the airport hotel only into a destination for passengers that the plane was delayed. Luxury spa, beautiful restaurant, and attractive decor makes staying at the airport hotels much more enjoyable. Westin Atlanta Airport Here’s the best airport hotel in the world that can sting any tourists, as reported by the Huffingtonpost. List of airport hotels: The Westin Atlanta Airport (…

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August 8, 2014

Luxury vacation in Dubai

The city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is the right city for you to spend money in luxury vacation. Anything that can be done in Dubai? Check out luxury vacation review below, as quoted from LonelyPlanet. Burj Al Arab Here luxury vacation in Dubai UAE: Burj Al Arab, the only seven star hotel Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirate . Building the Burj al-Arab, was designed by Tom Wright, reaching a height of 32…

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February 4, 2014

Five stars hotel reviews

five stars hotel Five stars hotel reviews in The school holiday is coming, that is why many people look for the best way to spend the holiday time. it is very important for you to have a great deal with your family. You need to prepare the entire thing perfectly. Star from the transportation, accommodation, till the hotel, you have to consider the entire thing that you need if you want to have a perfect holiday. Some other import…

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Hotels for World Cup teams to rest

Tomorrow the 2014 World Cup event has already started. Many things have been prepared, including hotels for the soccer teams to rest players. The following seven hotels into a bedroom and lounge of the team world cup players over the next grand event. Here it is seven hotels, as quoted from the Huffington Post. Bourbon Cataratas Hotel Hotels for World Cup teams to rest: Hotel Bourbon Cataratas Convention & Spa Resort Bourbon Cataratas Hotel

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June 12, 2014