List luxury hotel favorite celebrities

...f the world to stay. Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are regular guests of this hotel. Similarly, the Buddhist leader, the Dalai Lama. Wife of former

Modern hotels in America

Modern hotels in America – the days are gone when selecting luxury accommodation meant selecting between different hotels that appeared to give the same decor. A variety of ultra-modern,

Best airport hotel in world

...that the plane was delayed. Luxury spa, beautiful restaurant, and attractive decor makes staying at the airport hotels much more enjoyable. Westin Atlanta Airport Here’s the best airport

List of hotels offers latest technology

List of hotels offers latest technologyhotel with spa facilities, swimming pool, and a fitness facility may be used. However, what about the hotel is equipped robots and

Caves transformed into luxury hotel

...of the hotel room, bar, patio, and other areas. Serrin House, Turkey Serrin House still located in Turkey, this hotel consists of three buildings surrounded by rock cliffs high.

Stay in Tune Hotel pattaya

...ould hang out in front of the hotel cafe or stroll to the beach while sunbathing and swimming. Distance from the hotel to the beach was close enough to