Unique lakes in the World

...is lake, such as the European brown bears, wolves, owls, hawks, and Capercaillie. There are 126 species of birds in the historic site into the UNESCO’s heritage. Plitvice

List of country as place of peace in the world tourism

...e a problem with other countries, democratic government safe, and have a lot of panorama where people could hide in its beauty. In 2009, New Zealand ranked first in

List of dangerous beaches in the world

...Côte Kilauea, an active volcano on the side. The volcano erupted since 1983. The flow of lava continued to flow into the sea. Not only that, a total of

Beautiful islands in the world by novelist

Beautiful islands in the world – British novelist, Leslie Thomas wrote a travel guidebook. He wrote it based on personal experience when trip around the world. Nantucket Three

List of beautiful beaches in Europe

...ca sebalah. Sardinia has a beautiful view of the typical mediteran. Oceans surrounded by white sand beaches like in the tropical island. Sardinia is also often a tourist destination

Diving destination in the world

The attractiveness of the flora and fauna of the ocean is something that can not be denied by the diving enthusiasts. This love of the sea adventure even bring