most beautiful sea in the world

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Sea World vacation

Sea World in San Diego

Sea World One of the largest and most beautiful properties in San Diego is Sea World. Sea World is one of the most popular amusement parks and becomes one of the main reasons tourists. Anyone visiting San Diego intends to visit Sea World – or at least should. Shamu the killer whale for celebrities, Sea World has the opportunity for children and adults entertained for hours. There are many animal shows here with another thrill of amusement…

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Unique lakes in the World

…one just surrounded by shrubs. The lake also has a more shallow depth and smaller size. The Plitvice Lakes more beautiful with number of fauna in this lake, such as the European brown bears, wolves, owls, hawks, and Capercaillie. There are 126 species of birds in the historic site into the UNESCO’s heritage. Plitvice lakes ( – Heaven lake Lake Paradise or Heaven Lake is one of the most unique lakes in the world….

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List of dangerous beaches in the world

…Kilauea, an active volcano on the side. The volcano erupted since 1983. The flow of lava continued to flow into the sea. Not only that, a total of 102 unprovoked shark attacks were recorded ever hurt tourists in this place. – Praia de Boa Viagem Brazil became a dream destination for many world travelers. The largest carnival in the state is always awaited by people from all over the country. In addition, Brazil is known as a country with be…

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List of beautiful beaches in Europe

…a sebalah. Sardinia has a beautiful view of the typical mediteran. Oceans surrounded by white sand beaches like in the tropical island. Sardinia is also often a tourist destination world celebrities, such as Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Janet Jackson, and many more world celebrities. – Sesimbra, Portugal Located in the west of Portugal, Sesimbra is a small fishing port. Here also there is a beautiful beach with blue sea and bright cheap accommodati…

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Beautiful islands in the world by novelist

Beautiful islands in the world – British novelist, Leslie Thomas wrote a travel guidebook. He wrote it based on personal experience when trip around the world. Nantucket Three books that are already launched is Some Lovely Island, My World of Island, and The Hidden Places of Britain. This time he returned summarizes the most beautiful island in the world as a recommendation for travelers. The following islands of Leslie Thomas options, as…

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List of country as place of peace in the world tourism

…other countries, democratic government safe, and have a lot of panorama where people could hide in its beauty. In 2009, New Zealand ranked first in the Global Peace Index. – Tuvalu Located off the beaten track in the middle of Micronesia, Tuvalu making the most isolated and safest places in the world. Population in Tuvalu at least third in the world, and is the fourth smallest country. Only a few countries in the world that beautiful islan…

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