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Countries most friendly to foreign tourists

Foreign tourists feel more welcome when take a trip to Iceland, New Zealand, Morocco, Macedonia, and Austria. Indeed, countries that are categorized as the most friendly to foreign tourists. most friendly country The World Economic Forum, in The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013, assessing 140 countries according to their attractiveness and ability to develop the travel industry and tourism. These reports examine the attitude of…

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March 14, 2013

List of country as place of peace in the world tourism

…arious political blocs in the world. – Costa Rica Costa Rica has a stable democratic government, military friendly, and neutral policy. According to the Global Peace Index, Happy Planet and Life Satisfaction, the country ranks as the number is quite high. Despite being in the middle of the other countries that are in conflict, not making Costa Rica loses his peace. – Seychelles Island nation known as the most romantic honeymoon locati…

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Cheap and environmentally friendly country

…nt Greek ruins leaving enduring story. Portugal Stretching mound of green hills, roads full of twists until the friendly population is currently serving tourists walk to Lisbon, Portugal. No need to worry, budget traveling to this country is very affordable. Hotels in Lisbon classified as middle class the most inexpensive of the survey in 72 cities, with no cost to 100 USD per night. Dominican Republic Dominican Republic gorgeous nautical style a…

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Country vacation Bandipur be right place to adventure

…one because here in the center of the jungle the nation vacation Bandipur resort has arrangement from the pool. Country vacation Bandipur resort has numerous indoor, outside games for his or her people. It’s possible to take part in the games of his choice. Probably the most fascinating a part of Country vacation Bandipur may be the jungle safari. Watching tigers and leopards, sambhars and cheetal on view jungle is much like craziest dream….

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Peaceful country to visited by solo traveler

…ns now have started many who know Indonesia. Even among those also have started a lot can speak Indonesian. The country is also famous for its friendly female traveler hobby streets alone. Peace in this country and almost guaranteed never heard any stories of foreign women who feel threatened. Even to access the information in the country also known easily. Section of South Korea is heaven of WiFi. Iceland Believe it or not, a policy officer in t…

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August 25, 2014

List of country as best tourist destinations

…restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, to loosen the general rule about the trip would be better to visit this country in 2015. Travelers will meet local artists and entrepreneurs roadside. For true explorers, Cuba is one of the most amazing travel experiences and visitors can enjoy the beautiful island of Cuba, before the change. It’s good, you immediately rushed before this country forever changed by Western influences. Greece After year…

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