Experience vacation to Pattaya Thailand

...perience holiday to pattaya Thailand this time was to tell an early departure and transportation from bangkok to pattaya, for hotels and attractions in pattaya newhotelus will tell in

About Pattaya girls

Are you want going to Pattaya? Are you looking for your upcoming holiday or have you contemplated making it your place of escape? Regardless, you are probably thinking about

Sightseeing in walking street Pattaya

In walking street, Pattaya is can be said a paradise on earth for the night entertainment lovers because along the way, many entertainment venues ranging from bars serving streaptease

First day of vacation at Pattaya beach

The first day when we vacation in Pattaya, early morning we just got up and shower and get ready to buy food for breakfast, finished breakfast we rushed to

Stay in Tune Hotel pattaya

One of newhotelus contributor stay in tune hotel Pattaya when traveling in an area full of pubs, bars and nightclubs. Can be said this is very beneficial, because the

Culinary tours in Pattaya

...sfactory culinary tour, we try to buy the bat meal with costs 30 bath, and buy durian and mango fruit because in pattaya famous for its organic fresh fruit