Secret in Flight

...o turn off the phone, instead they will go back to the cabin and played their phones. This is mostly done by the flight attendants were not disciplined. Many

Air Canada flight emergency landing because pilot

What nonsense strange events that occur during flight using the aircraft. One of them occurred in the Air Canada flight. A pilot should be in control of every flight.

UK airline pilots flight up to 18 hours without sleep

The new rules states that UK airline pilots to be awake for 22 hours. Concerns arise because the pilot could have been asleep when flying an airplane. UK

Dining room design and dining decor

Here info dining room design and dining decoration, in fact is easily the most popular season for any dining area re-vamps. Even though you make nothing like to confess

2014 minimalist living room Interior design

Minimalist living room Interior design 2014, the living room is one of the areas of the house that needed a good arrangement because its function is to receive guests.

Room design ideas hotel for guest room

Room design ideas hotel could be applied to your home which means that you bring the design of hotel for instance as the guest room at your house. It