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List of Flea markets in the world

Flea Market All Night Flea Market Brimfield Antique Show Rose bowl flea market antiques market [/sociallocker] Shipshewana Flea Market Schedule, Ohio Flea Market Schedule 2015, rogers flea market ohio schedule, rogers flea market schedule 2016…

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March 18, 2015

Monastiraki flea market location

Hunting unique goods in Monastiraki flea market at Athens

…although the so-called flea market, but new goods also appeared to be sold there. Monastiraki flea market The flea market opened around the field Monastiraki, the heart of Athens. This location is becoming increasingly “live”…

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July 6, 2015


Shipshewana Flea Market, Shipshewana, Indiana This market is located in the Amish, Indiana. Merchants sell any item, not just a thrift or antique. Travelers usually come to buy handicrafts Indiana. This market has…

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April 15, 2013

Shopping centers in Bangkok

…very exciting for sure. Chatuchak Weekend Market If you are the adventurous who like shopping, spending a weekend in Bangkok, Thailand, is certainly a very appropriate choice. Shopping in the land of the White Elephant…

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Night markets must visit

…Experience of visiting the night market in other countries would be the main attraction in the tour. The night market in each country is unique, respectively, ranging from goods sold, the atmosphere, and the…

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September 16, 2014