Countries most friendly to foreign tourists

....2) 135. Iran (5.2) 134. Pakistan (5.3) 133. The Slovak Republic (5.5) 131. Bulgaria (5.5) The list of countries most friendly to foreign tourists results based on data obtained

Florianopolis South America vacation destination

...agliding, sand boarding, lady chasing after, and the best night life in South USA, then certainly, Florianopolis South America is really vacation destination you need to take a look

Beaches in Australia friendly for surfers

Beaches in Australia friendly for surfers. Enjoy the beauty of the beach can be surfing. In Australia, for example, several beautiful beaches, including friendly for amateur surfers. Southport

List of country as place of peace in the world tourism

...the various political blocs in the world. - Costa Rica Costa Rica has a stable democratic government, military friendly, and neutral policy. According to the Global Peace Index,


Here are the 10 countries most friendly to foreign tourists, with respective scores: 1. Iceland (6.8) 2. New Zealand (6.8) 3. Morocco (6.7) 4. Macedonia, (6.7) 5. Austria (6.7)

South Korea favorite locations traveling photographer

.... Namhansanseong Fortress When traveling, photographers are travelers who have a high sensitivity when it comes to the beauty of a place. They are able to see a