Countries most friendly to foreign tourists

....2) 135. Iran (5.2) 134. Pakistan (5.3) 133. The Slovak Republic (5.5) 131. Bulgaria (5.5) The list of countries most friendly to foreign tourists results based on data obtained

Most friendly city in the world

..., the results of the survey do not always reflect the local residents. For example, Beijing is ranked as the six most unfriendly cities because pollution levels are bad,

Cheap and environmentally friendly country

Not having to prepare a budget of 1000 USD, the traveler had a myriad of tourist attractions and hypnotic panorama of the following countries. What are cheap and environmentally

Florianopolis South America vacation destination

Basically might take a lasting or lengthy-term vacation, it might be in Florianopolis South America. Newhotelus friend have traveled around the globe, mostly to tropical places, with with that

Peaceful country to visited by solo traveler

...of mind to commit pleasure there alone. After read from pegi-pegi travel sites, following some peaceful country to be visited by a solo female traveler: Ireland Compared to

Countries are categorized as safest in the world

...s independence in 1965, the state bearing the lion’s head was always maintain good relations with neighbor countries, including Indonesia. That’s why we rarely hear there is a conflict