the pink sand beach in africa

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Colored beaches in the world

…each has a different color. These colors add to the beauty of the landscape as presented. Here are five colored beaches in the world are stunning. – Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California This beach is one of the colored beaches are amazing and very unique. The rocks and hills surrounding the beach provide Garnet Manganese deposits in the sand so you can see many colors in the sand. The beach is like a canvas is decorated with pink and purpl…

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June 30, 2012

List of pink sand resort Caribbean

pink sand resort List of pink sand resort Caribbean. Pink sand resort around Caribbean beaches are available for you and if you think that you need the resorts, however first thing that you need to do is that finding the location of your beach choice. First, you could find out Antiqua and Barbuda that is around that island that has salmon – pink sand color. It is the popular place for many people which then popular as the superb snorkeling spot…

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July 14, 2012

List of dangerous beaches in the world

…a wave to surf. But no doubt if wave power is so deadly. Surrounded Pacific Ocean, waves can lead to boaters on the coast up to the central coast. Actually many people drowned at this beach. Bikini Atoll Chowpatty Beach Fraser Island beach. Playa Zipolite Beach Kilauea Beach Hanakapiai beach Find travel hotel:pink sand beach maui, pink sand beaches in florida, best beaches in america 2014, top us beaches 2014, number one beach in the world…

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Beautiful beaches in Brazil

…beautiful beaches in the land of Samba. Copacabana Beach Here beautiful beaches in Brazil: Baia do sancho This beach is often chosen as a favorite beach TripAdvisor version. Beaches that make up the park are included in the cluster of islands of Fernando de Noronha. Underwater world Baia do Sancho into the diver’s paradise to see turtles, reef sharks, clown fish, anemones and parrot fish. Lopes mendes Cohesive bandage soft white sand ocean…

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Recommendation beach for holiday

Not everyone likes to visit the beach. However, these recommendation beaches for holiday will make their fall in love. Of course for many people, relaxing on the beach is a soothing activity. Can bask in the white sand, sipping coconut water straight from the coconut shell, and many other activities. Atlantic City In fact, it was on vacation at the beach is the perfect getaway for most tourists. However, there are some travelers who feel the bea…

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Ngurbloat beach

Finest sand beach in Asia

The finest sand beach in Asia – If you fantasize about being in an exotic beach with white sand as fine as flour, Ngurbloat Beach could be the right answer for your holiday. This beach is located in Ngilngof village, Southeast Maluku District. Ngurbloat coast, according to Indonesia Travel, also known as Pasir Panjang beach. The name probably comes from its coastal landscape which is 5 kilometers from the Ngurbloat beach in the Ngilngof v…

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