List tourist spots most frequently visited

...Studios, United States 6.195 million 45. Lincoln Memorial, United States 6191361 46. Metropolitan Museum of Art, United States 6115881 47. Bourbon Street, United States 6017500 48. Universal Studios, United

Best cities for career in the United States

...his career. And, it can help the environment healthier and happier for foreign workers who want to venture into the country side,” added Heidi Golledge as the co-founder of

Housing price in United States increased again

...reached 13.7 percent. Going forward, analysts predict housing prices in the U.S. will slow to a 4.2 percent rate in the third quarter in 2014. Noted there are five

Cities in United States is most expensive cost city tour

...und the city became a popular way to explore a city. With bus tourism, tourist much easier and convenient to see the main tourist attractions of the city,” said

Reason difficult to obtain United States visa

...pected of being illegal immigrants U.S. immigration officials are very easy to be suspicious of travelers enter the country. If your goals are not clear to come to

Ghost town in United States

...he United States. Besides known to have modern buildings, cities in the United States also holds many mysteries. The following cities in the United States are known as a