List of the best airlines in the world combine these two dishes. Guaranteed halal food, but also rich in flavor. In 2011, the airline was awarded as the airline with the best aircraft in the world

Best international airlines 2012

Best international airlines 2012. Along with the development of economy and technology, more and more airlines are able to reach parts of the world that had been untouched. These

Delta Airlines as the world busiest airline

American budget airline, Delta Airlines, unexpectedly became the busiest airline in the world. This is evident from the number of passengers served last year. Delta Airlines Delta Airlines

Predictions of favorite destination in 2014

Predictions of favorite destination in 2014, this year was the busiest year in the world of tourism, especially for travel agents. It is inevitable, tourism is becoming a way

Boracay island is the best island in the world

Boracay islandBali is well known among foreign tourists. Unfortunately, this time the Bali island should be yield Boracay island in the Philippines who won the best island in the

Hotel for 2014 World Cup players

Hotel for 2014 World Cup players. In a matter of months, hundreds of national team soccer players from around the world set foot in Brazil. They will compete in
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