tourist spots in north africa

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Places in Lombok Island

…of several districts. Each district has a superior tourist objects which must always visited by tourists. North Lombok, East Lombok, West Lombok, South Lombok. and every district of Lombok lies the obligatory visit while on…

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June 24, 2015


Places and Hotels in Bali

tourist spots in Bali is my favorite because of Lovina we can see dolphins swimming and jumping in their natural habitat. Located in Northern Bali near Singaraja City, you will go to sea and see…

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August 28, 2015

List tourist spots most frequently visited

…Few time ago LoveHomeSwap released a list of 50 tourist spots in the world’s most frequently visited. At the top, there is the Las Vegas Strip that is visited by nearly 40 million visitors…

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City of New York

Tourist attractions in America

…is a tourist destination in the United States were very popular. Located in southern California in the northern Mexican border, San Diego is a great beach town with a small town atmosphere. The most popular…

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List of tourist attractions that bring good luck

…exactly how the truth, but the travel destinations is never devoid of tourists. tourist spots Follow my blog with Bloglovin As quoted from Huffingtonpost, this tourist attractions have been suggestion handed down and many of…

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