Russia planned space tourism in 2018

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March 30, 2015

space tourismRussian tourism officials said it would go ahead with space travel in 2018. Russia’s planned space tourism after sending professionals cosmonauts and astronauts into space.

Russia planned space tourism in 2018
Earlier, Russia has sent seven guests to the International Space Station since 2001. However, they began to limit in 2009 after the US shut down the shuttle program.

The US also rely on Russian Soyuz rockets to get into orbit, so the delivery program tourists into space were stalled.

However, Russia has made an exception for the British soprano Sarah Brightman to be scheduled to fly on 1st September.

State-controlled rocket manufacturer, RKK Energia, said in a statement on Tuesday that it plans to make up for the decline in demand of manned flight. This was done to reopen flights to resume space tourism in 2018, reported Yahootravel.

Besides that, Inn Italian businessman making a television commercial. The ads were taught Russian tourists about etiquette and ask them to smile more.

The ads will be broadcast on Russian television ahead of this summer was made in response to the tourists in the resort of Forte dei Marmi, Tuscan, Italy. The tourists from Eastern Europe gets a bad reputation among the locals.

The Russians are considered arrogant for not thank the staff enough lodgings or not show a cheerful face, according to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica called.

Salvatore Madonna, head of the luxury hotel group Soft Living Places want to help tourists Russia become “more integrated” during their stay, even has employed a model from Russia, Ljudmila Radcenko, to take part in the ad.

Russian tourist suggest for more smiles and “if a dish or our service make you happy, show your satisfaction by saying thank you – not just leave a big tip”.

In addition, tourists are also taught about the basic habits of Italians as not order a cappuccino after lunch because traditionally it is a drink in the morning. Instead, espresso and macchiatos are caffeinated beverage choices in the afternoon.

Russian tourists are also advised not to show off by ordering the most expensive wine on the menu or carelessly left a big tip because it was considered vulgar in Italy. And women who wear high heels and bikinis are advised to dress more polite.

Upmarket resort of Forte dei Marmi has become a favorite Russian tourists, even nicknamed “Moscow-on-Sea”. The resort serves a diet rich in translating into Russian and provided a number of expensive boutiques for shopping.

This three-minute ad also asked the Russians for more interaction, smile, and make eye contact with the hotel staff, as reported by the Daily Mail.

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