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January 7, 2013

Select your own entertainment on the airplane, yups the airline from Australia, Qantas, giving passengers the opportunity to determine flight entertainment. The way, passengers can pass judgement while watching movies in flight.

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Flights entertainment rating or scoring system it is anonymous, and collected through statistics per day from domestic and international flights. With this, the Australian airline can find out which movies, television programs, even musical tastes which are the most popular among passengers.

Select your own in flight entertainment

In-flight entertainment has become the mainstay of the airline since a long time,” said Michael Freedman, Qantas Inflight Entertainment Executive Producer, was quoted from News.

“Especially for passengers on long-haul flights, which could be on a plane for 10 hours. By watching the films, their long journey so it is not felt,” he added.

Michael revealed that 80 percent of long-haul flight time spent passengers by using flight entertainment. Like, watching movies, listening to music, or view map of flight route.

“An average of two to three passengers watch a movie in the long-haul flights,” he lid.

So if far travelling with Qantas airplane, you can choose the in-flight entertainment freely. This is very exciting, because we will not be bored during the trip.

long-haul flights

long haul flights

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