Simple rack is space saving

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Storage racks often spend a lot of areas in the home that makes the house so much more narrow. For this reason, designers from Finnish make shelf design a simple and practical and do not spend a lot of space.

rack 405x500 Simple rack is space saving


Simple rack is space saving
Shelves KLAFFI Hylly is the design of Eeva Lithovius. This rack is designed with the concept of minimizing rack space yet can store goods optimally. Rack is shaped quite thin, sleek, and high wood material. Can be drawn for use as a place to store stuff, then be closed again when it has not been used.

As quoted from Interiorholic, this rack design is very effective because it allows the user to choose the place where he would put the goods savings, then close it again when it has not been used. Shelves can be to store a variety of items such as books, papers, to kitchen appliances.

This space-saving rack is offered with a price range of 310 pounds to 500 pounds depending on the size of the rack. Shelving is also offered with a variety of colors such as white, brown, and black. And simple rack is suitable placed in any room, such as in the bedroom, or in the kitchen.

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