Tips to change bedroom looks like new

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January 4, 2013

Change the layout and colors of the room inside the house is fun. Moreover, if it is done in private bedrooms, with tips to change bedroom looks like new.


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There are many ways that can be done. Starting from adding new furniture from thrift, or just change the display color of the bed cover on the bed. Here are five ways to change a bedroom that looks like new, was quoted from interiorholic.

Here tips to change bedroom looks like new:

New Bed Cover
Replace your old sheets with new ones as well as pillows and bed cover. This is in addition to creating new compelling impression of color also. Match colors, pattern as well as its size, in addition to comfortable, this will make the bedroom becomes more beautiful and colorful.

Alternative table
Need an alternative table? Try to check storage sheds used items in your home. Former wooden and iron elders may occasionally be used again as a sweetener in a room to put lights or alarm clock in your bedroom.

Upgraded storage
Just look at your wardrobe, whether in shape or color is out of date? If yes try to re paint to refresh its display. Add some old items as storage which certainly have been modified in advance. For example, a box of old, or even suitcase-old suitcase.

New carpet is needed to make the atmosphere more different. Select a pattern or color as you wish to make your bed room becomes brighter. A good way of starting the new day at morning waking was a spill on carpet or comfortable hairless.

the canopy bed
Select the canopy with a variety of materials as well as the pattern that is currently sold in shops. Adjust the shape and colour of the canopy with your bedroom style.

canopy bed

canopy bed

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